How Netflix Changed The Way We Watch TV Forever

How Netflix Changed The Way We Watch TV Forever.jpg

Netflix, the most popular video streaming service, has introduced many new benefits and is continually changing the way that we watch TV. Netflix has eliminated the need for hardware and wiring, it has introduced us to “binge watching,” it has given us a wider variety of shows to choose from, and it has made entertainment much more accessible.

Streaming – No Hardware Needed

Without the need for a cable box or satellite, Netflix has cut down the cost of providing movies and TV shows. This savings was then passed on to their customers. For an extremely different price, Netflix has turned many people away from cable or satellite.

The only thing needed for Netflix is an Internet connection and a device to play it on. There is no longer a need to wait for the cable guy to show up, drill holes in your wall and install an ugly satellite dish on your roof. You no longer have a need for cable boxes in all rooms that you want to watch TV. With one account, you and your entire family can enjoy hundreds of movies and shows without the limits of cable or satellite.

“Binge Watching”

Most everyone today is familiar with the term “binge watching.” Because Netflix offers full seasons of TV shows without commercials, people rarely stop watching after just one episode.

Before Netflix, people had to wait an entire week to see the next episode of their favorite show. The only option for binge watching was to hope that your favorite show was having a marathon. Except after sitting through that many commercials, nobody wanted to keep going after two episodes.

Wider Variety To Choose From

Based on previous shows that you have watched, Netflix automatically suggests similar shows that you may enjoy. By doing this, they have opened people up to a wider variety of shows and have taken the legwork out of searching through many different channels.

To find a new show, it used to be that you would have to search through hundreds of different channels and just hope that one of them is playing a show that you are interested and haven’t seen before. Now, Netflix does all of this for you while you just sit back and enjoy.


Cable and Dish allow you one cable box, unless you want to pay more to get additional boxes. This is very limiting to people on where they can watch TV and how many different shows can be played at once.

Netflix on the other hand, allows you to have multiple people watching at the same time, in any location. You can watch on your TV, lying in bed, at work, or even on the other side of the world. This accessibility is one of the best features that Netflix offers.

What Others Are Doing To Try To Keep Up

Because of Netflix and its growing popularity, other providers have had to step up their game in order to survive. Cable and satellite companies are attempting to put more of their programs online and accessible to their customers. But they are still requiring commercials. This attempt to keep up with Netflix is a small step in the right direction, but is it enough?

Since Netflix’s arrival, many competitors have tried to break in on the action. Hulu is one of their biggest competitors. But even by offering nearly the same services, Hulu struggles to keep up. Hulu still requires commercials and doesn’t offer nearly as many options as Netflix.

Netflix is still the king of entertainment right now, but none of us know what the future will hold and how much of an impact Netflix has really had.

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