Fire HD vs. iPad Pro Tablets

These are two of the best tablets on the planet. The Fire HD From Amazon and Apple’s iPad Pro both have the top specs in the market when it comes to tablets. There are a variety of reasons why users would choose either one of these great tablets. The Fire HD Is more affordable and has a lot of great apps available from Amazon’s Underground, and iPhone users will be familiar with the iPad Pro and all of its features.

But there are more differences between these two tablets than just the apps. The specs are different, and so is the screen size. Dissecting the differences between these two great tablets will help users make an informed decision on the tablet that’s right for them. It’s important that users are able to make the best decision possible when investing into an electronic item. That’s why it’s so important to compare these two tablets.

Comparing the Fire HD and the iPad Pro

Screen Size

There are a couple different sizes available for the iPad Pro; a 9.7” and a 12.9” model. The Fire HD comes in somewhere in the middle, with the biggest possibly screen size of the Fire HD being 10.1”. There’s also an 8” a 7” option for the tablet from Amazon, the advantage of these being their price. The 7” Fire HD is only $40.  


Comparing the two tablets, the iPad Pro comes in with a significant advantage when it comes to display resolution. The screen of the iPad Pro has a resolution of 2732 x 2048. On the other hand, though the Fire is HD is HD-quality like its name suggests, it lacks in resolution compared to the iPad Pro, with a resolution of 1280 x 800.  

Storage Capacity/Memory

Each model presents a couple choices when it comes to memory. Obviously, more GB is going to mean a more expensive product. While the Fire HD has choices between 16GB and 32GB of storage space, the Apple iPad Pro lets the customer choose between storage spaces of 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. One thing that Fire HD users can do to make up for storage space is use a microSD card that can give them up to 200GB more memory.

Battery Life

The Fire HD gives its user about 8 hours of battery life, compared with the 10 hours on the iPad Pro. Either of these are acceptable in the area of battery life.

Camera Quality

This is another area where the iPad Pros differ from each other. The 12.9” iPad Pro has a 8MP iSight camera, but the 9.7” model has a 12MP iSight camera that’s capable of shooting 4K video and 240-fps slo-mo shots. The Fire HD has a 5MP rear-facing camera that can shoot 1080p video. The front-facing camera can take video in 720p, making it acceptable for Skype calls. Overall, the iPad Pro comes ahead in the area of cameras.


The Fire HD wins bigtime in the area of affordability. For the price of the iPad Pro with the biggest screen, a decent laptop could be purchased. This is one reason why so many shoppers have opted to go with the tablet from Amazon. The 10.1” Fire HD with 32B of memory is going for around $230 on Amazon, while the 12.9” iPad Pro with the same amount of memory is going for nearly $800 on Amazon.

Each of these tablets has its strength. For one that wants a good deal in a tablet with some great features and the ability to watch TV, movies, or read an eBook, the Fire HD is a great choice. The Apple iPad Pro is a good choice for those that are wanting a little more firepower in their tablet.