Benefits of the iPhone 7 Plus


The benefits of the latest release from Apple are numerous, but more importantly the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus both spearhead a change to the design of Apple’s smartphone. Some of those who were wondering whether they should upgrade to the 7 have opted to wait for the 10th anniversary iPhone which should be released next, but the iPhone 7, particularly the Plus, still offer some upgrades that make the smartphone worth owning.

From the f/1.8 aperture that makes the new iPhone’s camera much more proficient in lowlight situations, to the complete lack of a headphone jack, the new phone brings some changes that are worth noting. It has a faster processor as well, and there are a variety of benefits of the iPhone, features that those who are wondering if it is a good investment that people want to be aware of.

iPhone 7 Plus Features


The new iPhone 7 Plus has dropped in weight down to 188g. It has a jet-black style that makes it look like the smartphone of Batman. Overall, t’s a great look that has iPhone fans pleased. It’s also waterproof, it not just highly water-resistant, rendering the splashes and spills that took older iPhones out of the game harmless against the new model.


One of the biggest new features of the new iPhone 7 Plus, even over the standard iPhone 7, are the dual cameras positioned on the back. One has a telephoto lens, and these two cameras enable the iPhone 7 Plus to capture amazing DSLR-quality photos. There is even a 2x zoom magnification that’s an improvement on the digital zoom feature of previous iPhone models.


One of the biggest benefits of the new camera system on the iPhone is that it is able to shoot in lowlight situations. Those that use their iPhone for making videos are enjoying the ability to finally use their smartphone to make great vids in lowlight situations.


One of the biggest changes in each of the iPhone 7’s is the lack of a headphone jack. It was a controversial move by Apple and not well-received at first, but the lack of a headphone jack made the new phone lighter, and may have been part of what helped them make room for the second camera. The audio is great, it only requires an adapter to plug headphones or a speaker into the USB-port.


The display of the iPhone 7 Plus has retained the features of the 6s. It still has a 1080p display feature that is LED backlit.


The iPhone 7 has an improved battery over the 6. The iPhone 7 Plus can do about 13 and a half hours of web browsing on one charge, or even watch 8 hours of video. The downfall in the 7 is that it takes a while to charge. On a standard 5V/1A charger it will take about 4 hours to charge.


This may go without saying, but the iPhone still runs the same good ol’ iOS system, meaning all of Apple fans’ favorite apps and games will still be available.

There are numerous new features included in the iPhone 7 Plus, including a telephoto lens with 2x magnification giving it the ability to take breathtaking photos. Its lowlight camera lets its video recorder take great videos even in situations with little light. It is lacking in a headphone jack, but as long as the user has the USB-adapter it won’t be a problem. There are many reasons to invest in the newest iPhone from Apple.

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